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Dear first time mom

As your due date approaches you can’t help but be anxious and impatient as to how your birth story is going to unfold. Is there going to be a lot of pain? Will my baby be safe? How long will my labor last? These questions and more dominate your everyday thoughts. This is all so normal. As you see your due date approach and maybe even pass, all of this uncertainty is to be expected. But it is during these last few days that it is so important to focus on what IS happening as well as preparing for your baby’s impending arrival. It’s so essential to keep up with good nutrition- well balanced, protein rich meals, frequent snacking, smoothies are all beneficial at this time. Easy ways to be prepared include making freezer meals, double batch cooking, and using meal delivery services. Enjoy your spouse or other children at home- soon time will be divided and your focus will be on your newborn rather than each other. Rest is the most wonderful gift. Soak in an herbal bath or book a massage. Your body is preparing for labor even if you don’t realize it. Embrace all the change that comes in these last days of of pregnancy - this is what you need for your body to birth your baby. Seeing your babies face and having them lay on your chest will make every single minute (even those minutes past your due date!) of your pregnancy worth it!

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