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Free Consultation 

I will speak with you on the phone or in person about how I can help support you throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and talk about your expectations from me as your doula.

Phone & Email Support 

I provide unlimited 24 hour phone, text, and /or email support from the moment I become your doula. No question or concern is ever deemed unimportant. I welcome all communication as it only adds to strengthen our connection. 

Prenatal Visit

This takes place in the comfort of your home. We will discuss birth preferences, as well as provide you with the confidence and knowledge that will enable you to have the birth you want. The goal by the end of this visit is for you to have the trust that your decisions are what's best for your baby. This also allows me to have a clear understanding as to how I can best support you and your family.

During labor 

Once labor begins I will be in constant contact with you, coming to your home to support you through comfort measures as well as emotional and mental support to ease the challenges of active labor. I will be there to help determine when it is time to go to the birth place and will provide constant reassurance, and information allowing you to closely follow your birth plan. I offer continuous labor support once labor begins until after your baby is born.

Baby’s first feeding Support/ Immediate Postpartum Support 

I will provide support after the birth with initiating breastfeeding, or any issues you have related to your newborn. I will stay 1-2 hours after the birth and leave so that you may get to know your beautiful baby. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

This usually takes place during the first week home. I will continue to support you with breastfeeding issues as I am a lactation educator as well as recounting your birth experience and any concerns you have regarding infant care as well as postpartum care for you. 

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